His early experience as a painter gave light to drawings done almost subconsciously, as if the product of absent-minded doodling. Over time, the work has transformed into carefully studied paintings with strong chromatic contrasts. The aim of this transformation was to expand expressive possibilities through the infinite combinations of colors, while retaining the fresh and subconscious spontaneity of the initial stroke.
The material qualities of paint itself, its rich texture and the iris of pigments, are often the drivers of the painter’s brush, applied with a physical energy that is captured and evident on the canvas. A passion for music has accompanied him throughout his pictorial career, with the notes of guitar and percussion echoing is some of the works.
An important contribution to the artistic value of the work comes from the use of tools used in building and construction. Despite the coarseness of the implements, the painter’s practice has produced satisfyingly refined results, especially on masonry walls.
In fact, the skillful employment of different building pigments has somehow multiplied the artistic possibilities in the body of work. There is no evidence of “the anxiety before a large white canvas”, that is quite common among artists. Compared to an entire wall, the canvas frame is no more than a post- it note, and, over time, this has led to a substantial increase in the size of the paintings.
In later works, a more precise conception of shapes and space has led to the use of spray paints and covering masks, in search of almost hyper-realistic shades on geometric and three-dimensional subjects. More recent paintings embody an abstract and sometimes figurative symbolism that has undoubtedly allowed the artist a greater freedom of expression.

Numerous travels and long stays in the USA, Australia and Turkey have certainly influenced the artist’s being and his way of expressing it through painting. During these years, the techniques used have alternated between airbrushing, oils on canvas, water-based paints on panel, bas-reliefs and small sculptures, swaying between serious, intense abstractionism and a curious and humorous way of representing deeper concepts.

The artist’s commitment is to the search for a positive approach to painting and life in general, an optimism that belies an introspective nature that has always been the primary source of inspiration for all his works.


Copies o masterpieces

One of the activities in which Bruno Dagani is very skilled is making reproductions of famous paintings: Van Gogh, Gauguin, Picasso among all the others. Sometimes playfully adding the face of the customer somewhere in the painting